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Strategic Category Management

Live Online Course For Teams

Courses Overview

Category Management (CatMan) is a term which many use, but few agree on what it actually is. No organisation’s approach is the same. We all have different categories, markets, goals, and economic, supply, and political environments.

This clinic first takes you through what CatMan is and its lead role. We then explore some of the common elements – understanding your supply base, segmenting options, and knowing the category markets and how to leverage them. It is a hands-on workshop where you will analyse your current or potential category, and take a few deep dives into the analytics and market intelligence CatMans use to become a category leader and trusted advisor in their organisations.


  1. Know the many ways organisations apply and integrate CatMan within the business and throughout the lifecycle.
  2. Bring new ideas into your organisation to utilise, leverage, and manage markets in your categories.
  3. Become an informed buyer who knows the market and whose expertise your business can depend upon.
  4. Write a concise and insightful category strategy specifically for stakeholders.
  5. Show how successful your categories are for the business.

Clinic Features

The clinics are interactive and designed for the online space.

Capability is built through action learning spread over a few weeks to learn and apply over a short time.

  • 3×3-hour live sessions – one each week
  • On call support for challenges to be achieved each week
  • 1-hour quick win/fail fast session post clinic

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Courses :


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This clinic will enable your team to set the scene for success and then drive it home. Focus on measuring what matters most, not measuring just for the sake of having KPIs. Create KPIs that stakeholders want to see, in the way they want to see them. Have the confidence to develop SMART KPIs that actually work in practice


Writing a clear and concise SoW seems easy in theory but is incredibly challenging in practice. This session shows you how to write a SoW that will work and be highly valued by your business and your providers.

Supplier Relationship Management

The clinic starts at the most strategic level by to categorising your suppliers by mutual importance (how important each party is to the other). This sets up what is possible. We then design the behaviours that one of your key relationships requires, learn how turn these into a scorecard and contract feature, and how make it work in practice.

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