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Buying Wisely

Choosing which providers your organisation will depend upon for many years is a critical activity. Vigilant selection delivers the best match - if your organisation truly knows the market and what it wants.

Category management

Category Management

This clinic first takes you through what CatMan is and its lead role. We then explore some of the common elements - understanding your supply base, segmenting options, and knowing the category markets and how to leverage them.

Contract Management

This clinic is ideal for those ready to drive contract management to new levels. It is a masterclass for experienced professionals that will help you transcend the traditional, more administrative role that has been the nature of contract management.


Writing a clear and concise SoW seems easy in theory but is incredibly challenging in practice. This session shows you how to write a SoW that will work and be highly valued by your business and your providers.



This clinic will enable your team to set the scene for success and then drive it home. Focus on measuring what matters most, not measuring just for the sake of having KPIs. Create KPIs that stakeholders want to see, in the way they want to see them. Have the confidence to develop SMART KPIs that actually work in practice

Supplier Relationship Management

The clinic starts at the most strategic level by to categorising your suppliers by mutual importance (how important each party is to the other). This sets up what is possible. We then design the behaviours that one of your key relationships requires, learn how turn these into a scorecard and contract feature, and how make it work in practice.

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Supplier Relationship Management

Strategic Supplier Synergy: Navigating Smart Contracts and Digitalization for Optimal Relationship Management and Organizational Success

Contract Negotiating and Influencing Masterclass

Master the Art of Contract Negotiating and Influencing: Building Sustainable SOlutions, Managing Disputes, and Influencing Internal Stakeholders Throughout the Contract Lifecycle

Fundamentals in Writing Scopes and KPIs

Mastering Contract Management: A Deep Dive into Crafting Effective Scopes and KPIs

Buying Wisely - Tender Preparation & Evaluation

Sourcing Success: A comprehensive Guide to Successful Tendering and Supplier Selection

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