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Contract Management

Live Online Course For Teams

About this clinic

This clinic is ideal for those ready to drive contract management to new levels. It is a masterclass for experienced professionals that will help you transcend the traditional, more administrative role that has been the nature of contract management.

You’ll gain the ability to think strategically, to think longterm, to think collaboratively, and to think results.

Over the three weeks, we’ll be exploring and testing out the concepts and tools used by leading organisations throughout the globe. Think of it as a shopping trip for best practice – but only what works in practice, consistently, across many organisations. You’ll be shown many examples, have many interactive exercises to try things out for yourself, and be in a supportive and frank environment in which to soundboard current issues and challenges.

Learning Objectives

  • Benchmark your area against the 12 best practices and chose the practices that will give the best return on investment.
  • Know where you are on the power curve and how to overcome the power game.
  • Gain modern techniques for strategically managing the range of contracts in your portfolio.
  • Have your personal contract management style profiled and benchmarked, and see how the stylesaffect your team and relationships with providers.
  • Manage commercial relationships on an informal (interpersonal) and formal (governance) basis.

Clinic Features

My online clinics are highly interactive with a combination of breakouts, online polls, and work sharing. Capability building is spread out over a period of three weeks to learn and implement in bite-sized chunks during the journey.

  • Sessions can be in Zoom or MS Teams.
  • 3×3-hour live courses – one each week.
  • On call support for the challenges to be achieved each week.
  • Post clinic quick win/fail fast challenge and 1 hour session.

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This clinic will enable your team to set the scene for success and then drive it home. Focus on measuring what matters most, not measuring just for the sake of having KPIs. Create KPIs that stakeholders want to see, in the way they want to see them. Have the confidence to develop SMART KPIs that actually work in practice

Supplier Relationship Management

The clinic starts at the most strategic level by to categorising your suppliers by mutual importance (how important each party is to the other). This sets up what is possible. We then design the behaviours that one of your key relationships requires, learn how turn these into a scorecard and contract feature, and how make it work in practice.

Buying Wisely

Choosing which providers your organisation will depend upon for many years is a critical activity. Vigilant selection delivers the best match - if your organisation truly knows the market and what it wants.

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